April 30. first day

Running abroad is always a great joy. Jogging in Brooklyn is fantastic. At 7 am the parks and streets are filled ith people ho run, walk with numerous dogs and even a filmcrew in full operation. This ill be a daily pleasure for me, during my stay here! Fantastic. Te breakfast we had when I came back was awesome too: different sort of bread, cheers, scrambled eggs, manmade, milk and fresh orange juice. A nice way to start the day. Nel and me go to Manhattan now where I will visit Nico who is detained in the federal jail. After that we will meet Linda and Lau to spent the evening!


April 29

Flight to New York.

The information says the airplane has wifi, but it turns out to be “not available”. Watched a nice movie with Denzel and enjoied the services of the typical American airplane crew: firm, older ladies tking perfect control over what we passengers basically are: a bunch of children. No beauty-queens here, but free alcoholic drinks are served quick and often!

The long flight also gives me time to collect and arrange films, photographs, articles and presentations on my macbook, so that I can grab them immediately during our meetings in New York and eventually email them on the spot!

Looking through all this material I see myself as a curious person who is open for experiences and energy of people I meet. And constantly spreading all that to others. Just wandering around, trusting that solutions will present themselves when the time is right. I also see how busy and occupied I often am: there is a lot to do and time on this planet is short. And there are responsibilities which keep me occupied. On the photo’s I see my weight changing at least 20 pounds each year. And when I type the words down:”I am a good person!” , I feel a bit awkward and realize how I got all the luck in the world just because of the family I was born in, my health and high energy and the beautiful lady sitting next to me at this very moment. And I am blessed I am with our beautiful children of course.

This New York trip takes place in a period of change: when will I stop as a warden after 28 years, how will my future life look like and how does one end one phase and start the next one? One thing is for sure: not by making plans for the future and filling my time with projects. The answers will come when I stop planning for a few month, continue breathing and take time to look at what comes up. Following my heart first, and then my intuition. But for the moment I am going to enjoy this great adventure and when I come back in Holland my regular work as a warden will challenge me like always and even more, considering the choices I made and the “how” to perform!

Today Fred, Gina, Nel and me got fantastic news from our children. Hester, who will join us on the 30th went through a very heavy selection procedure to ge t a trainee ship at the city of Haarlemmermeer, Tree of them were selected for te final round and had to go through tests, do workshops and presentations to make out who will be the “chosen one” And….she got the job which is a great joy and relieve for Fred and Gina!And Simon and Renske found another house in Haarlem. As some of you know we are working at a plan to live together as a familie on a compound ith five households. Turns out to be a longterm project and a litte bit complicated. Simon and Renske live in a nice old house in the centre of Haarlem which is not very practical, especially when you want children. So now they were very fast reacting on a project with rent-houses and they had a lottery amongst 6 people to give one of them the house. And they won!!! This solution will give us the breath and the time to work on our grand-familyproject.

“Awesome” the girl says, over and over again, when we enter the restaurant, order drinks and food and ask for the bill. Sometimes “cool” or great”.  The way waiters treat customers is usually more polite and enthusiastic than e are used to in Holland. I like that, although I know it is not ment too personal. Just a way to behave well!

Our room in Brooklyn is beautiful. An old house, full of antique, very confortable. Owner is an architect, nice guy, with his French wife.

30 april

3. Tomorrow New York

Today, Nel and me had a busy working day. Nel just arrived from town hall. The draft program (below) is ready. Quite a few plans we can fit in when we are over there.

Programma bezoek New York

29 april – 10 mei 2015


Woensdag 29 april
11:35 vertrek KL 6149
13:53 aankomst JFK
vervoer naar accommodatie per OV

Donderdag 30 april
12:00 Frans bezoekt Nico,
16.00 avond met Linda en Lau

Vrijdag 1 mei
08:30 vertrek richting Bedford Stuyvesant per subway
09:30 Ontbijtoverleg met prof. John Flateau, Medgar Evers College,

Per subway naar Harlem
02:00 Ontmoeting met Eddy-Yémil Rosario, Correctional Association of New York

Zaterdag 2 mei

Zondag 3 mei

Maandag 4 mei
09:30 te voet naar Center for NULeadership
10:00 Ontmoeting met Divine Pryor, Bryonn Bain (?), Kyung-Ji Kate Rhree

Dinsdag 5 mei
optie: CEOworks, Tani Mills

Woensdag 7 mei
10:00 vertrek richting Manhattan per subway
11:00 Ontmoeting met Greg Berman, Center for Court Innovation (en Larry Busching)

07:30 Dinner in Park Slope met John Mollenkopf, Kathleen Gerson, Michael Jacobson, Lynn Chancer

Donderdag 8 mei
PM Bezoek Riker’s Island

Vrijdag 9 mei
optie: CEOworks, Tani Mills

Zaterdag 10 mei
10:00 appartement verlaten, bagage opslaan
02:00 Vertrek per subway naar JFK
05:55 Vertrek KL0642 naar Amsterdam

Zondag 10 mei
07:25 Aankomst Schiphol

And some additional BIO’s of people we will meet:

Kathleen Gerson

Collegiate Professor of Arts and Science;Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. 1981 (sociology), M.A. (sociology), California (Berkeley); B.A. (magna cum laude) 1969 (sociology), Stanford.
Areas of Research/Interest:
Gender, Family, Families and Work, Work and Occupations, Social Inequality, The Life Course and Human Development, Social and Individual Change Processes, Qualitative Research Methods and Multi-Method Approaches, Social Policy and Social Change
Research Description:
My research agenda contains several interrelated projects exploring the social transformation of gender, work, and family life in post-industrial societies as well as ways to study these macro and micro processes. These include: (1) a study of “work and care in the new economy” that investigates how today’s women and men are navigating the new conflicts between earning a living and caring for others through in-depth interviews with a broad cross-section of women and men residing in places, such as Silicon Valley and New York City, that represent the cutting edge of economic and occupational change; (2) an NSF-funded study (with Jerry A. Jacobs) that unpacks the complex views Americans hold about the employment of married and single mothers and fathers; and (3) a book on in-depth interviewing (with Sarah A. Damaske) that provides an introduction to the theory and practice of qualitative interviewing.
Curriculum Vitae
External Affiliations:
Co-President Elect, Sociologists for Women in Society, Founding Board Member, Work-Family Researchers Network; Founding Board Member, Center for the Study of Women in the Professions, UC San Diego; Past President, Eastern Sociological Society; Past Board Member, Council on Contemporary Families; Editorial Board, Work and Occupations; Past Chair, Family Section, American Sociological Association; Member, Sociological Research Association.
Jessie Bernard Award, American Sociological Association; Distinguished Merit Award, Eastern Sociological Society; William J. Goode Distinguished Book Award, American Sociological Association (for “The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work, and Family”); Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University; Visiting Scholar, Russell Sage Foundation; Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research; Distinguished Feminist Lectureship, Sociologists for Women in Society; Honorable Mention, Mirra Komarovsky Book Award, Eastern Sociological Society (for “The Time Divide: Work, Family, and Gender Inequality”); A Best Business Book, Strategy Business Magazine (for “The Time Divide”); Finalist, C. Wright Mills Award and William J. Goode Distinguished Book Award (for “Hard Choices: How Women Decide About Work, Career, and Motherhood”); Charles Phelps Taft Lecturer, University of Cincinnati; Kingsley Birge Endowed Lecture, Colby College; research grants, Sloan Foundation and National Science Foundation.

Lynn Chancer is a Professor of Sociology at Hunter College and a member of the doctoral faculty at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is the author of four books: Sadomasochism in Everyday Life (Rutgers University Press, 1992); Reconcilable Differences: Confronting Beauty, Pornography and the Future of Feminism (University of California Press, 1998);High Profile Crimes: When Legal Cases Become Social Causes (University Of Chicago Press, 2005); and Gender, Race and Class: An Overview (Blackwell, 2006). Professor Chancer has also written many articles in the areas of sociology of culture, feminist theory, criminology, media and social movements. She teaches courses on classical and contemporary sociological theory, gender and sexuality, and criminology and deviance.

2 New York Preparation Day

documentation people we meet in New York

Today we divide our attention over Kings day, jogging, being available when something happens in one of our prisons and preparing our trip to New York. Find attached an oversight of people we will meet in New York. Not all of them, because I will also making a personal visit to Nico Epskamp ( http://kidnappedbytheusa.nl/tag/nico-epskamp/  ) and we will also meet our daughter Linda ( https://lindadouw.wordpress.com ) and her good friend Laurens van der Vuurst (http://www.laurensvandervuurst.nl).

And now that I am sitting here, lets introduce my wife and vice-mayor and commissioner of Hoorn Nel Douw a little bit more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33DiEF7OXzQ

And some links about activities I was and am involved in:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDyECuoQ1bo An impression of the last meeting day of the foundation of Recovery and Return in Haarlem, last november
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuvz6Z2VtXo an impression of Annual Prison Day
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRKsxcNL61E An impression of one of the many international projects I was involved in.
http://www.ikonrtv.nl/programmas/oba_live/frans_douw  livestream of a one hour interview on national Radio a few weeks ago.
http://www.badboysbrand.nl/  link to some of the products we make in our prison!
http://www.herstelterugkeer.nl link of our foundation.
http://youtu.be/AgBGx-o7UWo trailer of The Darkest Hour
http://youtu.be/-3h87FF4r28 My nomination of Nanon for the International Award of No Offence. Which he won!

New York, New York

Our trip to New York next wednesday seemed to be a good occasion to start a blog. I do not know yet how to use it, but I decided one thing: It will be the diary of New York where our little group (Nel Douw, Hester, Fred and Gina Martin and me) will exchange knowledge with politicians, judges, lawyers, prison staff, scientists and all kinds of officials about how to change the world for the better. With a special focus on recovery, return,  juridical reform and municipality.  I will write my experiences down in English: just to practice. Sometimes i will post texts or articles in Dutch,and that is  just because it sometimes takes to much time to translate them.  Lets use today’s contribution to introduce our delegation:

Fred Martin: Education: MA in German Language (Utrecht University, 1979) Various courses (management, urban planning) Employment history: Teacher German language at high school Alderman at the Amsterdam Borough of Slotervaart (elected politician); responsible for housing, physical planning, real estate, economic affairs Supervisory Board (two-tier board) at a housing association with 10.000 units Executive Board of Directors at Impuls, largest non-profit organization for welfare and child care in Amsterdam Founder/CEO at Stichting de Driehoek (Triangle Foundation), non-profit organization with a focus on urban and social renewal in communities, by organizing events, conferences, trans-Atlantic exchanges (18 times from NL to US; 3 times from US to NL); Publisher and editor. Voluntarily activities: – Member of the board of a non-profit that develops and owns accommodations for social activities and child care – President of the board of ‘Wereldpand’, non-profit founded by the Mayor to facilitate refugees and their organizations in Amsterdam – Treasurer of the Amsterdam Computer Clubhouse – Treasurer of the Amsterdam branch of the social democrat party – Co-founder of the Van Eesteren Museum – Member of the board of a theatre group – President of a school board – Member of the Council of Urban Representatives RESTATE (a feedback group of the EU on restructuring European cities) Publications: – Author, co-author or editor of 25 books on urban renewal, sociology, social history and of many reviews. For the exchange relevant: o Amsterdam-New York, learning from each other (bilingual, with Prof Dr John Flateau, Medgar Evers College NY) o New York en Nederland – report of a trans-Atlantic exchange (ed.) o Amsterdam – Nieuw-Amsterdam. From impression to inspiration Website: http://www.stichtingdriehoek.nl

Gina Martin-te Pas (Amsterdam, 1954)  Education: MA in Geography (University of Amsterdam 1979) MA in Political Economy (University of Amsterdam 1986) Employment history: Teacher and deputy principal at High school Taught Geography and Economics for nearly 40 years, mostly to juniors and seniors. Currently deputy principal and in charge of the Dutch SAT examinations.

Hester Martin (Amsterdam, 1991) Education: MA in American Studies (University of Amsterdam, 2013), MA thesis “Cheers to Crime,” about the position and function of crime in (urban) American society in the 1920s MA in Public History (University of Amsterdam, 2013) BA in History (University of Amsterdam & Baruch College, CUNY 2012) Employment history: Trained Guide at Canal Company, the biggest canal cruise operator in Amsterdam. The Canal cruises in Amsterdam are the highest ranked tourist attraction in The Netherlands. Organization of the Amsterdam conference on the First Annual Day of Action in November 2014As a teenager

Nel Douw (59 years old when we are in New York) started as a secretarie at KODAK and the Holiday Inn, and started working with adolescents when she was 20 years old. She did a lot of parttime studies and one of them (Masterclass Contextual Therapy of prof. Ivan Boszormeniy-Nagy, Hahneman University, Massachusets) made her a familytherapist. Nel worked in this sector for 38 years in a lot of different rolls and settings, all in Youthcare. She started as an attendant, became therapist, later coach and manager and she was a part-time lecturer at the university of Amsterdam. Nel became a member and chairman of the fraction of the socialistic party in the city-board of our town Hoorn in 2010. Last year she became vice-mayor and commissioner (which is a full-time job) in our city with the portfolio’s youthcare, public health, social care, diversity (discrimination, exclusion), refugee’s, domestic violence child-molest and land-management (!).


CV Frans Douw

Personal information

Name: DOUW, Franciscus Maria

Email address: frans.douw1@gmail.com

Date of Birth: 24 July 1955

Place of Birth: Voorschoten

Citizenship: Dutch

Marital status: Married (since 12 June 1980)

Spouse name: Nel van Dam
Children: Dr. Linda Douw (1983), Drs. Simon Douw (1985)

Drivers License: No

Languages: Dutch, English and French, fluently in speaking
and writing. German language “acceptable”

Employment History:

1/2/05 – today: General Director of four Penitentiary Institutions in the
province North Holland, The Netherlands: Amerswiel (house of detention
and open and closed regimes for women), Zuyder Bos (long term
sentences, life sentence), Westlinge (open and half open) and
Schutterswei (for short sentences). In the last year ! had to close Westlinge and Schuterswei, due to he dramaticly diminishing need of cells in Holland. The amount of staff in my facilities went down from 550 to 300 members.

I am responsible for several
regional and national policy-portfolios and I am a professional coach for managers within
and outside our organization since about ten years.

Chairman of the board of the foundation of
recovery and return (http://www.herstelterugkeer.nl).
We bring all participant in the process of crime, punishment, recovery and return together. We organize conferences and meeting days.

I am an ambassador for the Stichting Miss IQ (http://stichtingmissiq.nl/comite-van-aanbevelingen/)

I am visiting professor at Nyenrode Business University. I lecture on the subject: ”leadership”. .www.nyenrode.nl

In 2014 I became member of the board of Dutch Cell Dogs (http://www.dutchcelldogs.nl/wie-zijn-we/)

1/4/98 – 1-2-05: Director of the Forensic Observation and Treatment
Unit (FOBA) of the Dutch Prison System in Amsterdam. This institution
carries out clinical psychiatrical crisis interventions for all

1/2/96 – 1/4/98: Project Leader Tulip Selection at the Service of
Correctional Institutions in The Hague. Tulip Selection was a new to
develop software-application to support the registration and exchange
of detention-data and reporting for the Dutch Prison staff. The
application is still used in all Dutch Prisons.

1/2/88 – 1/2/96: Director of the new to built Detention Center in Zwaag.

1/3/84 – 1/2/88: Head of Department of Pieter Baan Centrum, Utrecht,
Forensic Psychiatric Clinic for Clinical Pre-trial Assessment.

1/5/80 – 1/3/84: Attendant at Pieter Baan Centrum, Utrecht The Netherlands.

1/3/76 – 1/5/80: Attendant in an Observation Institute for Boys
(14-18 years old) with behavioral problems (Beukenrode, Doorn).

1/3/72-1/3/76: All kinds of unskilled jobs in Holland and abroad. I
lived and worked as a cook in London for one year and worked for six
month as a builder in Briançon (France).

International Experience:

  1. Performing workshops/speeches on several IALMH- conferences in
Amsterdam in 2002 and in Paris in 2005, the 1e European Conference of
Prison Medicine on 13 and 14 November 2003 in Strasbourg, several
conferences of the WHO (Romania, Slovenia) and many conferences from
2000 until 2008 organised by and with the Global Initiative on
Psychiatry (GIP) in Russia and Eastern Europe.
  1. I consider my work as a consultant for the Global Initiative on
Psychiatry from 2000 until 2008 as an important international
experience. This NGO was founded to fight the abuse of psychiatry in
the former Soviet Union and is active, since then, in the field of
mental health. In 2000, GIP started to expand their scope to the
field of Prison Mental Health and asked me to join them as an expert
and director of the FOBA. During these years, the Ministry of Justice
allowed me to work for four hours a week for GIP, but I usually
invested a lot more. I really loved this work!
  1. In those years we supported the Russians to establish a psychiatric
ward in the Kresti Prison in St Petersburg; we had a project on forensic Psychiatry

In Lithuania and projects in Kaliningrad, Georgia, Bulgaria and Curacao.
We also provided advise and delivered project proposals on Prison
mental Health and Forensic Psychiatry for Serbia, Czechia, Bulgaria
and Romania. My involvement covered the following activities:
Visiting the country, visiting key stakeholders and institutions and
performing an analysis and needs assessment. Advise was usually
provided at the government level. My working partners were usually
prof. Dick Raes and experts from my own organization and network like
colleagues, psychiatrists, psychologists etc.
Delivering substance for project proposals to obtain funding, mostly
from MATRA (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
Implementing the projects by organizing workshops, conferences and
trainings. I also developed modules and substance in consultation
with my “Prison Mental Health Team”. This was a team of experts,
recruited out of my own organization and my network. We also
organized study visits and conferences in The Netherlands.
Participating, as a foreign expert, in ministerial stirring groups of
the Ministries of Health and Justice, for example in Georgia and
Lithuania, in order to monitor and stimulate improvements on Prison
mental Health and Forensic Psychiatry

  1. 2010: Tbilisi: performing a three-day Workshop on Harm Reduction
with the Georgian Prison Directors. As part of a project of the
European Union, Mainline sent a delegation of a Belgian judge, a Dutch
prosecutor, a police officer and a Dutch prison director to Georgia.
Each of us worked with his own colleagues. UNDOC also took part in
the workshops.
  1. 2010: Participation in a Russian television documentary about the
Dutch Prison System.
2007-2010 member of several boards of the Dutch prison-system
concerning our activities abroad. I was member of the stirring-group
for Curacao and the BES-Islands and the core group foreign countries.
Both boards are repealed due to reorganizations.
2011-2012 I took the initiative to visit London twice with two
objectives: I thought I could learn from some English initiatives in
the field of restorative justice. The other reason was, that I wanted
to visit a private and a public prison to learn more about the effects
of privatization. The first time A policy advisor of DJI accompanied
me, the second time a few people of my prison joined in. This visits
delivered concrete input for further activities in Holland.

– I am an ambassador for NoOffence (http://www.no-offence.org/content.php/157-Who-Are-We)

– Due to my network in England and Russia I initiated a pilot-project
called “Email a prisoner”.

–  In 2012 I travelled two times to the Ukraine as an expert for the

I wrote the introduction of  The Darkest Hour: Shedding Light on the Impact of Isolation and Death Row in Texas Prisons by Dr. Betty Gilmoreand Nanon M. Williams sheds light on the widespread impact of extreme isolation experienced by thousands of incarcerated individuals in Texas prisons. Susan Sarandon wrote the foreword. Next week I will be in Dallas and will be keynote-speaker at the book-presentation.

- 1974: Diploma General High School
- 1983: Diploma Social Academy (BS Degree)
- 1990: Diploma School for Higher Management (ISW)
- 2000: Certificate Training Experienced managers at De Baak
- 2002 Certificate Leidse School for Coaching
- 2010: Certificate Training for experienced coaches at De Baak

In 2005 the institute which I lead, the FOBA, received the award for
best practice in the category health care for prisoners, given by the
WHO Collaborating Centre for promoting Health in Prisons.


– Co-writer of the Status Paper on Prison Mental Health by the World
Health Organisation (Version 16-6-2007)

– Article on “Doctors without borders”, Liber Amicorum professor Dick
Raes (2009)

Professional memberships

Member of the Psychiatrical Juridical Academy, a group of
psychiatrists and lawyers working in the field of mental health and
criminal law.

– Member of The Adams Institute, an American Cultural Center