April 29

Flight to New York.

The information says the airplane has wifi, but it turns out to be “not available”. Watched a nice movie with Denzel and enjoied the services of the typical American airplane crew: firm, older ladies tking perfect control over what we passengers basically are: a bunch of children. No beauty-queens here, but free alcoholic drinks are served quick and often!

The long flight also gives me time to collect and arrange films, photographs, articles and presentations on my macbook, so that I can grab them immediately during our meetings in New York and eventually email them on the spot!

Looking through all this material I see myself as a curious person who is open for experiences and energy of people I meet. And constantly spreading all that to others. Just wandering around, trusting that solutions will present themselves when the time is right. I also see how busy and occupied I often am: there is a lot to do and time on this planet is short. And there are responsibilities which keep me occupied. On the photo’s I see my weight changing at least 20 pounds each year. And when I type the words down:”I am a good person!” , I feel a bit awkward and realize how I got all the luck in the world just because of the family I was born in, my health and high energy and the beautiful lady sitting next to me at this very moment. And I am blessed I am with our beautiful children of course.

This New York trip takes place in a period of change: when will I stop as a warden after 28 years, how will my future life look like and how does one end one phase and start the next one? One thing is for sure: not by making plans for the future and filling my time with projects. The answers will come when I stop planning for a few month, continue breathing and take time to look at what comes up. Following my heart first, and then my intuition. But for the moment I am going to enjoy this great adventure and when I come back in Holland my regular work as a warden will challenge me like always and even more, considering the choices I made and the “how” to perform!

Today Fred, Gina, Nel and me got fantastic news from our children. Hester, who will join us on the 30th went through a very heavy selection procedure to ge t a trainee ship at the city of Haarlemmermeer, Tree of them were selected for te final round and had to go through tests, do workshops and presentations to make out who will be the “chosen one” And….she got the job which is a great joy and relieve for Fred and Gina!And Simon and Renske found another house in Haarlem. As some of you know we are working at a plan to live together as a familie on a compound ith five households. Turns out to be a longterm project and a litte bit complicated. Simon and Renske live in a nice old house in the centre of Haarlem which is not very practical, especially when you want children. So now they were very fast reacting on a project with rent-houses and they had a lottery amongst 6 people to give one of them the house. And they won!!! This solution will give us the breath and the time to work on our grand-familyproject.

“Awesome” the girl says, over and over again, when we enter the restaurant, order drinks and food and ask for the bill. Sometimes “cool” or great”.  The way waiters treat customers is usually more polite and enthusiastic than e are used to in Holland. I like that, although I know it is not ment too personal. Just a way to behave well!

Our room in Brooklyn is beautiful. An old house, full of antique, very confortable. Owner is an architect, nice guy, with his French wife.

30 april


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