Weekend: The Bronx and Coney Island

It needed a few days, but I decided to make my blog a lot shorter. Thanx to the advice of people around me. Not only to save some time for the followers but als for me: there are so many other things to do over here then writing!

Saturday Fred took us to the Bronx. Built as a neighborhood for the upper middle class. Today it gives an image of poverty, vacancy and neglected maintenance. Like Harlem the state of the neighborhood tends to a third world city. Fred explains how the different policies of the municipality did not work out well for the people in the neighborhood. Scary “housing projects” are been invented by people who obviously do not like people at all. Some tax-messueres in the past made it profitable for house owners to set their houses on fire. We pass police stations which figure in famous television-series and pass a lot of undeveloped land among depressing shacks.

Sunday is a sunny day and we decide to do what a lot of common New Yorkers do: we go to Coney Island. The beach, the and the toilets are free. You can buy cheap fastfood (like the famous hotdogs from Nathan’s and if you want to spent some more there is the huge fair. Big latino families spent the day on the beach with brought food and their own furniture. e see Jewish children playing in the sand with black hats and keppels on. Kids are smoking water pipes and tatood italian and irish looking people drink beer on the boardwalk. What a beautiful day!


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