Texas Incarceration september 4, 2015



https://youtu.be/sdWhNXcchVoShowshow2KaartNanon KaartNanon1Nanon1

The Prison Show was great again. Mike, David and Hank let me co-host the show and i could ask questions to a lady who does a great programm in New York giving incarcerated people the chance to do college inside the prison. And I also spoke omn air with a lady who does an inquiry on the effect of the long probation-period they use over here. Proving the Obvious: has to be done to persuade politicians and policy-makers to use their common send. Or the common sense of someone else…… I became real friends with the prison show: can drop in, also by telephone from Holland, anytime when I have important stuff to share! Above you find te link to two small interviews I made: one with producer David Collinworth and one with a sweet lady who keeps on visiting and supporting her brother for decades. He was on death row for 26 years and due to mistakes in his trail  he now has a life sentence without parole.

I meet my friend Bryonn Bain late at night!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlmbxZKjve0  He is a performer, professor and prison activist from New York, now he just moved to LA. He is an inspirational man and I am so glad he reserves time in his busy schedule to go to Nanon with me and prepare Prison Action Day. When Bryonn talks about the chafes in his live and why he had to move forward he speaks the same language as Toon and me. It is about an innovator who realises that everybody accepts him as the one who does the new stuff and gives them an accuse to lean back. Then it really is the time to change. We talk and talk on the terrace of a trendy cafe and I finally hit the sack at 2 am.

In the early morning I do not feel like jogging alt all, but at 7.30 am I find myself running along Main Streets, towards the Bayou River. At 9 o’clock we are driving towards Ramsey Unit to visit Nanon. Same procedure as alwijs: the search us and the car on a post which is at least 1 mile from prison. When we arrive at Ramsey we can only bring 20 dollars in quarters and our ID in. And we are profoundly searched again get drinks and candy from the machines and go sit in line af chairs for visitors opposite to the line of incarcerated people at the other side of the glass. It is noisy and incredibly hard to her what is said at the other side of the glass. But we are happy to meet each other, do our best and manage to have a wonderful, 4 hours conversation. Three very different man between forty and sixty, originally coming from Texas, Holland, Trinidad. Warden, incarcerated person, performer and professor, jewelry maker, writer, Black and White.  When you look at us you can hardly imagine that we are close friends, pioneers in the field of restorative justice and members of the same  tribe. Where we discuss about during these two visits of four hours? I say: everything. Some of the subjects: love, family, prison-life, art, writing, doing projects together, sports, work, how we grew up, changes and innovation, each-other and all the people we know, philosophy, psychology, books, etc…. Three guys all three developed and passionate.

Bryonn and me feel so sad that we have to leave our friend behind in Ramsey and we drive back to Houston. In the evening we take a walk and find a great Japanese restaurant where we have a fantastic dinner, including a cook who prepares our dinner, doing all kinds of tricks with knifes and, spoons and plates!

When we get back to the hotel we are really exhausted!


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