The Prison Show: interviews!

This is the interview in the Houston Prison Show. Go to december 15 and the interview starts after 7.30 minutes.




The Prison Show

Friday januari 15 in The Prison Show: The Dutch Prison Show visiting The Texas Prison Show. Jemuel and Frans will call in from`Holland to tell about their Show.
Frans Douw, regular guest and host of the Prison Show, Houston, retired since december 1, 2015 as a Dutch warden. Now he comes up with a radioshow, inspired by his friends from Texas.

Hosts Frans Douw and Jemuel Lampe are both experienced expert “behind the door” and on the other side. They know what it takes to go through the proces of recovery and return for all parties involved. to And how necessary that is to make our country a little bit safer and more social.
The Prison Show (ex-) incarcerated persons, families and professionals, but also people who were victim of a crime.
In The Prison Show everybody has right to speak Jemuel and Frans believe that all parties are entitled to recognition and support.
The Prison Show can not go without their guests, news, beautiful music, sometimes live, and messages and song-requests from relatives for their loved ones in prison.
The Prison Show, Dutch version, was initiated and the property of the Foundation of Recovery and Return.
The Prison Show, Dutch Version is inspired by the Prison Show in Houston, Texas. Every week thousands of incarcerated persons and almost all prison-staff listen to the show! We work together with our friends in Houston and vist each others shows.

You can listen to the Dutch Prison Show in Texas when you look at .


Graag breng ik jullie op de hoogte van het volgende.

Vanaf 1 februari wordt elke maandag van 12-13 uur en donderdag van 14-15 (regio Heerhugowaard) The Prison Show uitgezonden. Nu nog een uur, maar na een proefperiode gaan we naar twee uur.

Gastheren Frans Douw en Jemuel Lampe hebben allebei een justitieverleden, zowel “achter de deur” als ervoor. Ze weten wat er nodig is om herstel en terugkeer mogelijk te maken. En zo aan een wat veiliger en socialer Nederland te werken.

De Prison Show ontvangt (ex-) gedetineerden, familie, professionals en andere deskundigen maar ook mensen die slachtoffer waren van een misdrijf of nabestaanden. De Prison Show is onafhankelijk en niet gebonden aan een politieke richting.

In The Prison Show heeft iedereen recht van spreken: Jemuel en Frans geloven dat alle betrokkenen recht hebben op erkenning.

The Prison Show kan niet zonder mooie muziek, soms live, en met verzoeknummers van familie voor hun dierbaren in de gevangenis.

The Prison Show is te beluisteren: – Elke maandag van 12-13 via internet: Via de Ether (in de Zaanstreek) 107.1 FM en via de kabel in Zaanstad (103.3 FM) en in Wormerland (89.0 FM) – Elke donderdagmiddag in Heerhugowaard van 14-15 op FM 106.7 en kabel 89.0 en op


The Prison Show is voor iedereen (dus ook voor mensen uit de regio Heerhugowaard) telefonisch te bereiken op elke maandag van 11 -14 uur via 075 6706106. Op andere dagen via 0621202194 Met hartelijke groeten,

Frans Douw Jemuel Lampe twitter: @prisonshownl Facebook: prisonshow Email: website:

The Prison Show, Dutch Version is een initiatief en het eigendom van de Stichting Herstel en Terugkeer. The Prison Show, Dutch Version, is vrienden met The Prison Show in Houston, Texas. Op vrijdag 15 januari zullen Jemuel en Frans te gast zijn in The Prison Show in Houston om het programma te presenteren!IMG_4587

Self-sufficiency 1

Saturday morning, a big complex with senior-apartments. The old lady opens the door and invites me to come in: “I received the flyer about how you, as a city-council-member want to know our opinion. I’ll show you that you can live from a small pension and even save some euro’s every month”. While slowly walking to the living room I see her limp a bit. Inside she turns out to be a smart and competent lady in administration and wise spending. Better then the lady next-door, who walks like a lapwing and is not dependant on the cleaning-help to do the shopping en get money from the bank. But she does not know how to deal with bureaucracy and computers and she lives in poverty.
Another lady in the flat is an excellent cook and feels lonely, behind the next-door somebody has hobbies she would like to share with others. Another can teach interesting skills or start a cooking-club.

After 7 hours of visiting about 15 of those mostly lonely or alone people, I realise that he community of people in these flats could be a lot more self-sufficient. And also  become a happier place to live. And the city could save a lot of money on care.

The majority of people does not know how, when and where to ask for services and support. They usually when their situation escalated. And because most people rather help then depend on the help of others: most residents don’t know how, when and where they can add value and offer their help.

Learning how to become part of a happy and self-sufficient community is like learning to drive a car. You are free to drive wherever you want. But you need a drivers license first to know how to do that. And a network of petrol-stations from which you can choose, depending on your route.