Back to Texas

Great to fly to Houston again this morning. I move a lot these days: Monday and Tuesday I was in Ukraine (forensic Psychiatry), Wednesday in Haarlem with my grandson Jonas and today I welcome a relaxed and probably sleepy 10 hours in the plane!

In Texas I will visit my incarcerated friends on death-row and the Ramsey Unit, Harvey and Nanon, I will be meeting  activists and great people like Gloria Rubac and Bryonn Bain, my friends from the Prison Show, lake David Collingsworth , Hank Lamb and David Atwood and being a guest in The Prison Show, doing a program in the Capitol in Austin with my friend Douglas Smith and meeting Sherita Peres and her boyfriend: she is a greet musician and she wants to come to Holland to do a tour.

In my luggage I have two laptops with sheets, films and presentatation-material, I have two copies of “Mum, call you right back” from Wanda Beemsterboer, and a number of brochures. Will promote the book and tell about their incredible work in prisons.

Biggest challenge: making this a very short blog: about 250 words a day. I documented my last visits with a blog of many thousands of words. Reading all of it was forced labour for some of you and a form of torture for others. So, I’ll keep it short this time! 🙂


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