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And there I was, with all my friends of the Prison Show, signing birthday-cards for incarcerated guys on Death-row, spreading the folders and the English version of “Call You Right Back, Mom” from Wanda Beemsterboer and preparing the interview about the disaster of the murdered daughter, Nadine, the amazing book, the meeting with the perpetrator and the incredible work of Jacques and Jacqueline (sister of Nadine) in Prisons. Pat Hartwell, longtime activist was there and gives her warm regards to Linda Pollman a Dutch journalist who followed her for three month in her battle against the death Penalty and her activities for the guys in the Polunski Unit.

I hosted the show with Vonetta Kelley, a new face for me. Vonetta is a very nice lady and a parole-officer. It is so nice that she is involved: every body is working in the same system and to change things for the better, everybody has a right to be respected in his/her own situation and support. And Vonetta wrote a book about reintegration for her clients. She gave it to me, and when I have read it I will post about the content on this blog. Vonetta  has a good, warm melodious voice and it was a pleasure to host with her.

She was very interested in how we do things in Holland and asked me numerous questions during the show. I “had the floor” for about 45 minutes in total! The book, the editor and http://www.nadinefoundation.nl were mentioned several times. Vonetta gave me a lot of time to answer questions during the whole show and I was even allowed to take calls from families of the incarcerated guys who could give a two minute message to their loved ones inside. Which was very emotional. They sometimes sang a song, played the trumpet or read a poem. There were wife and girlfriends, fathers and mothers, brothers and lines of children.

You can hear the whole show of september 23 on http://kpft.org/archive/.

After the show I was invited by David Collingsworth to join the whole crew for dinner in a nice resturant for dinner. I had a wonderful time with a group of nice people: former incarcerated guys, old timers,  Mysterious Mike etc..

I biked back to my airbenb and took some wrong turns which gave me the the opportunity to observe the friday-night-life in Houston. Drag-queens in the Gay-district, a lot of people drunk and partying. Me, a Dutch guy on a red bike: certainly the only bike in Houston at that moment. And

I arrived at the airbenb at 2 am!


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