Erick and Karin

Today I fly to Houston. My friend Karin will not be there because she has to undergo medical treatment. So she has to postpone her visiit to her friend Erick Davila. Erick who is on death row for about 10 years has heard that he will be killed on April 25, 2018.   How bizar: my friend Tee is on death row for 44 years now.

Yesterday I spoke Karin. Erick is placed on “deathwatch” which means he is separated from the rest of the population, to wait for his death. After he left his cell they searched it and found something that “could be used as a weapon”. And really: that could be anything: the gear Erick uses to tattoo himself or stuff he uses to make his beautiful drawings. But the cold and cruel industrial killing machine responds in the only way it has learned. Like a vicious watchdog attacking any trespasser:  it bites! Erick is already in solitary but now he is punished by allowing him less visits, less phone calls, less canteen.

Why punish a “death man walking?”. To make an example? To just follow the rules? To make him realize that he has done something wrong?  To let hi know that they are the boss? To make sure that everybody is treated equally? I do not know.

But I know one thing for sure: they are making it extra hard for him, Karin and the rest of his family and friends to deal with the horrible nightmare they are part of.26992665_10213588607816800_5093117614122232847_n

Texas januari/februari 2018: preparation

The preparation for this trip was turbulent. In december my friend Nanon got into trouble with a new warden, Virgil Mcmullen, who wants to suppress and intimidate the prison population by attacking  positive role-models like Nanon and Donsha Crump. Nanon and Donsha study, give recovery-trainings to other incarcerated people and put all their energy in doing good. Nanon has two master degrees, wrote a lot of books and in 2015 he won the International Justice and Redemption Award in Manchester, Brittain. Mcmullen violated their rights in numerous ways and put them in dark cold segregation units during Christmas. Friends of me and Nanon started a fight, juridical and in the media, and I wrote letters to politicians in the US and the prison authorities and also approached many people in my network to use their influence to do something about it.  The warden did not allow me on Nanon’s visitation-list on illegal grounds but had to put me there. But I still do not have official approval of my visit and have to call for that when I am over there. I consider that as a form of harassment. But I count on being able to visit Nanon next weekend, two visits of each four hours. And of course I will visit my friend Tee on Death Row, be on the Prison Show and meet my friends over there. Hope there is time to join a press-conference about Nanon’s situation. I cenrtainly will join a demonstration on Thursday when they have planned to kill a human being.

Because I do not have a drivers license I am depending on others to get me to the prisons, far outside the city. My friend Karin who agreed to do the driving went ill and only a few days before leaving I had to find transport and a place to stay. I got an incredibly sweet offer from Linda Mobley Heughan and her husband to stay in their house and Linda will drive me to the prisons, four days in a row. Texas has very ugly faces, but also shows its

incredible warm and welcoming face!

Antwoord op kamervragen van Nispen over Baybasin!


> Retouradres Postbus 20301 2500 EH Den Haag

Aan de Voorzitter van de Tweede Kamer

der Staten-Generaal

Postbus 20018



29 januari 2018


Antwoorden Kamervragen over het boek de herzieningszaak Baybasin

Directoraat-Generaal Rechtspleging en Rechtshandhaving

Turfmarkt 147

2511 DP Den Haag

Postbus 20301

2500 EH Den Haag

Ons kenmerk


Uw kenmerk


Bij beantwoording de datum en ons kenmerk vermelden. Wilt u slechts één zaak in uw brief behandelen.

= “1” “1 = “1” “” “Pagina 1 van 2″” “”

= “1” “1 = “1” “” “Pagina 1 van 2″” “”

In antwoord op uw brief van 22 december 2017, deel ik u mee dat de schriftelijke vragen van het lid Van Nispen (SP) over het boek over de herzieningszaak Baybasin worden beantwoord zoals aangegeven in de bijlage van deze brief.

De Minister voor Rechtsbescherming,

Sander Dekker


Vragen van het lid Van Nispen (SP) aan de minister voor Rechtsbescherming over het boek over de herzieningszaak Baybasin (ingezonden 22 december 2017)


Kent u het recent verschenen boek van wetenschapsfilosoof Ton Derksen over de zaak van de in Nederland veroordeelde Baybasin? 1) Wat is uw reactie hierop?

Antwoord 1:

Ja, ik ben bekend met het boek van de heer Derksen.


Kent u de conclusie van Ton Derksen dat er in het advies naar aanleiding van de herzieningsaanvraag immuniserende strategieën worden gebruikt door de advocaat-generaal, oftewel argumenten zo structureren dat het eigen gelijk bevestigd wordt, en een belastende uitkomst de enige uitkomst kan zijn? Kunt u hierop reflecteren?

Antwoord 2:

Ja, die conclusie ken ik. Gelet op de onafhankelijke positie van een advocaat-generaal is het niet aan mij als minister voor Rechtsbescherming om te reflecteren op de adviezen gegeven naar aanleiding van een herzieningsaanvraag.


Bent u bekend met het feit dat oud-gevangenisdirecteuren hebben gedemonstreerd bij de Tweede Kamer en de Hoge Raad, omdat er in hun ogen niet te verklaren zaken zijn gebeurd in deze zaak? Wat zegt dit volgens u?

Antwoord 3:

Het is mij bekend dat oud-gevangenisdirecteuren hebben gedemonstreerd bij de Tweede Kamer en de Hoge Raad. Het staat een ieder vrij om zijn of haar mening te geven over een gerechtelijke uitspraak. Het is niet aan mij om daar een oordeel over te geven.


Welke rol zou dit boek van Derksen, met wetenschappelijk onderbouwde conclusies, naar uw mening in de herzieningsprocedure, met name waar het gaat over het oordeel van de Hoge Raad, kunnen of moeten spelen?

Antwoord 4:

Voor een kansrijk herzieningsverzoek dient er sprake te zijn van een novum, waaronder wordt verstaan een gegeven dat ten tijde van het proces nog niet bekend was maar waarbij de rechter waarschijnlijk tot een ander oordeel zou zijn gekomen als deze tijdens het proces bekend was geweest. De Hoge Raad is de aangewezen instantie om te oordelen over een herzieningsverzoek en mij past grote terughoudendheid om daar op voorhand iets van te vinden.


Wat gebeurt er met wetenschappelijke conclusies indien zij zijn verschenen ná het uitbrengen van het herzieningsadvies van de advocaat-generaal, maar vóór het oordeel van de Hoge Raad hierover, los van deze concrete zaak? In hoeverre kunnen dergelijke nieuwe inzichten worden meegenomen bij het uiteindelijke besluit over een herzieningsverzoek?

Antwoord 5:

Of wetenschappelijke publicaties worden betrokken in een herzieningsprocedure is ter beoordeling van de Hoge Raad.

In het algemeen geldt dat de Hoge Raad op basis van artikel 469 van het wetboek van Strafvordering, indien hij dit noodzakelijk acht, aan de procureur-generaal kan opdragen nader onderzoek te verrichten. Tevens kan de Hoge Raad een nader onderzoek opdragen aan een daartoe uit zijn midden te benoemen raadsheer-commissaris of aan de rechter-commissaris belast met de behandeling van strafzaken, in een rechtbank die van de zaak nog geen kennis heeft genomen.

1) ‘Rammelende argumenten voor de Hoge Raad. Wegpoetsstrategieën van mr. Aben in de herzieningszaak Baybasin’, Ton Derksen

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Fout! Onbekende naam voor documenteigenschap. 1 Fout! Onbekende naam voor documenteigenschap. 1

Nanon Mckewn Williams is in danger. Humanity is in danger.

Please share and help. My friend Nanon Mckewn Williams is in great danger. Today he is still in segregation and I am taken from his visitation-list: I am not allowed to visit him. This is how it started:
“On the 16th of December 2017, Nanon Mckewn Williams was taken to solitary confinement with Donsha Crump #727528. They were placed individual cells with only our boxers on, in the deep cold of winter, in a pitch-black cell with no lights. The water was cut off for almost 24 hours and all of their property was confiscated. It was only after Nanon had a visit that the water was cut on, his property was returned in a mess, and his address book(s) were confiscated. It has now been ten days, they still have no light, and I have had another visitor a week later. That visitor was told they did not know why I had no light, why Nanon was in solitary, and it wasn’t his call. As of today, December 26, 2017, he has been told nothing. Nanon has been incarcerated 26 years and Donsha had been incarcerated 23 years. Not only is Donsha the founder of (a foundation that educates youth), but he has made contribution to Nnon’s book on solitary confinement, it’s effects and what changes needed to be made. For the last several years Donsha has created booklets with Nanon called “Recreating Culture” that gives prisoners resources, helps them to further their education, helps others and dares them to change cultural values that work against them instead of for them. All of this work; a necessary work, has made them targets by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. When Nanon’s book was published, The Darkest Hour, publisher and co-author were persecuted. They were removed from his visitation list, phone list, and he was placed in solitary once again. After contacting senators, the news media and networking they were eventually allowed to be placed back on his visitation list. However, it was after a great emotional cost, financial cost, and when a documentary was released Nanon has been punished in ways that make him feel honored. It means he and his friends are making a difference! When Nanon gave interviews about the conditions of the flood for prisoners Worker’s World newspaper and The Francisco Bayview newspaper, a storm of activity took place. Nanon and Donsha were told to stop teaching class to segregation prisoners, tutoring other prisoners for their G.E.D in the prison library, Islamic services, and to “quit grouping” on the cellblock and outside recreation. They have taught prisoners to develop business plans, set life goals, to create parole packets, and have helped them to enroll in college and to participate in the prison craftshop to learn trades. The warden once told Nanon: “A dumb prisoner is a smart prisoner.” He implied that Nanon better start acting like a dummy. This same warden restricted his books coming in, pamphlets, and battled with my publisher. Truth is, there is simply too much to cover, but Nanon needs people to know this. Because Donsha and Nanon educate gang members, does not make them gang members. When they educate drug dealers, they are not drug dealers; when educate young men who are last and wayward, they are not. They don’t want those young men to end up growing up in prison like them. They are now being targeted under the guise of being apart of “organized crime”. They will mount a defense fund, file a lawsuit, and continue to do the work God has us doing. If education is now considered a crime, then having associate, bachelor, and master degrees while in prison definitely makes Nanon a criminal. Writing books to educate young kids, young adults and to change what the prison industrial complex is doing makes Nanon Mckewn Williams a criminal. This is not only an attack on him and his friend, but an attack on their mothers who fear for our lives. Nanon may be sitting in a dark cell right now, but the light of his spirit will shine in the darkest pit. They need our help. We need you to be heard and to educate. We face an attack by a system and this is something we all face, but any system ain’t shit without the people! We need the power of social media to organize, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE. Not just for Nanon and Donsha, but the millions of men in prison and the young kids they project to walk in their shoes. Change must come through our voice.” collectively!